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Now is a good time to build a log home--many great land 'buys' are available and interest rates are reasonable! Whether you are interested in a little hunting/fishing cabin, a 12,000 + square foot log residence, a timber frame, hybrid or anything in between, we offer quality materials and service that will exceed your expectations. If you love natural materials in homes, but you aren't sure how to make your dreams into a reality, you have come to the right place!  I live in a vacation model (above) in Central Virginia's Nelson County. If you have questions about log homes, or you want to get started today, feel free to call or e-mail me--I will respond promptly. Call for an appointment and come by!
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What sets us apart from other companies is service--we believe in old-fashioned service.  I will not only sell you a top quality materials package, but I will also help you through the challenges to make your dream a reality. It takes a giant leap of faith to build any home. Statistics tell us that ten years from now, over half the people who visit this site still won't have their dream home, but for the other half, I'm here to serve you!!
If you have never built a home, let me be honest with you:  Building your dream home will present challenges for both of us; but I have the knowledge and years of experience to help you make it happen (and you will enjoy the process)!  If you are ready to take the first step, register, and contact me today (Phone me or 'click' my picture above to e-mail me). Also, before we get started, let me resolve one common misconception:  A quality log home will not be cheaper than a modular or similar, conventional stick-framed home! What your home will cost depends on your construction site conditions, the location, the home's size and complexity, and what you desire for amenities. I will provide a standard package estimate for free, if you contact me and schedule a visit at my model. To get started, look over the pictures of various models on this site, find one you like, we can tailor the size and the floor plan to meet your needs/budget.  Or, we can custom design a home 'from scratch' especially for you!

Our Home/Model is in Nelson County, Shipman, VA (about 30 miles south of Charlottesville.

Tel 434-263-6763 for an appointment.

If no answer, feel free to try my cell: 540-903-0282
Copyright 2011, Richard Mencl
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Hi!  I'm Rich Mencl (left), owner of Olde Homestead Log Homes.  I'm an independent dealer for Honest Abe Log Homes, Inc. of Moss, Tennessee. I have over 30 years of log home knowledge. Olde Homestead Log Homes and Honest Abe Log Homes have teamed-up to offer quality log home packages at a reasonable price. Imagine, if you start now, you could be living in your log home before the holidays in 2014--It's what you've always wanted! Contact me now and let's get started.
NEWS:     We now offer all our plans in both the Legacy Package (high end) and the more conventional Genuine Select (Standard) Package. The Legacy Package features our heavy timber roof, stair, and porch systems, and a more complete package among other top of the line features. You can review both packages on line to determine which will meet your vision/desires. If you do not see the plan you like in the Package you want, feel free to call me for the pricing.
New log home recently completed in Nelson Co, VA